4 Reasons to Consider a Domain Name Change for Your Startup.

New top-level domains are going to be the digital real estate of the future.
4 Reasons to Consider a Domain Name Change for Your Startup
I remember back when a friend asked if I’d like to buy a domain name. I had no idea what that meant, so I turned down his offer.
Later, I worked for a company purchased its iconic domain name for a reported $9 million.
That’s when it became very clear to me that an incredibly brandable domain is one of the keys to a successful business,these days the best keyword domains in .COM are sold out.
And that’s why I believe that new top-level domains are going to be the digital real estate of the future.
After spending 14 years in internet marketing working for several companies.I’ve seen many signs pointing to the value of new exact-match domains.

For instance, a recent study found that choosing a relevant domain extension can potentially help a website rank well for specific keywords, resulting in dollars saved on paid marketing.

Ultimately, whether domains end in .COM, .INFO,.FORSALE, or .LIVE, they all stand on equal ground when it comes to SEO performance. I have to believe that Google’s search results will always value high-quality domain names.

Expectations of the online user experience are constantly changing as we get savvier about navigating to exactly the things we want.And relevant TLDs are going to be a big part of that.Of course, you can always pay for online advertising and search-engine placement,but the exact-match domain owners will have a huge advantage over the competition.

The reason: A high-quality, exact-match domain means we won’t have to pay to get as many clicks.

Brandable new domains confer some amazing advantages to successful businesses, including:

1. Flexibility in choosing a name

The pool of short, memorable .COM domains is shrinking rapidly, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t secure an amazing name for your business. Overnight, new domains have increased the availability of possible names a hundredfold.

2. More memorable names

The potential uses for meaningful new domains, like .FORSALE, .SOCIAL, and .MARKET, are virtually limitless. Every word in your domain can and should be relevant to your brand.

3. Increased web traffic

When you use meaningful, relevant terms in a domain, people will be more engaged with your brand. That’s going to help drive more traffic to your site, and will boost your search result rankings.

4. Reduced online marketing costs

Because new domains drive organic web traffic to your site, you’ll be less reliant on expensive search engine placement and other online ads.



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